Banbury Market

Our Banbury Saturday Market Stall continues to run every week, weather permitting. We can be found there also on Thursdays sometimes. We began selling on the stall there in June 2021 and it is a very successful trading place, supported by donors who give amazing items to sell, and lovely customers who come and buy those items.
To date, sales from the market stalls have contributed over £8,260 towards our total goal of £3 million!

Banbury Market StallWe are immensely grateful to everyone concerned – to Jenny who helps at times on the stall, and Jane and Lisa who run other stalls on behalf of the charity. We are indebted to them and feel very blessed.Our continued thanks also go to Tom Duckham, Richard Slatter and the team who work so hard in all kinds of weather, behind the scenes, setting up the stall for us to use.

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