Golden Wedding Celebrations!

On 6 April 2018 Ian & Rachael Scott-Hunter celebrated 50 years of marriage with a service of blessing at St Andrew’s Church, Oxford followed by a lunch and reception at the Littlebury Hotel in Bicester.

For Rachael & Ian, the day provided an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, and to share with their loved ones their newest adventure together – the launch of the Alexandra House of Joy project.  They asked for donations to AHoJ in lieu of gifts, and were overwhelmed by the generous response…we’ll update you on that when a total has been calculated.

As Ian & Rachael contemplated this milestone, looking back on their lives together and forward to all that is yet to come, we sneaked a bit of their time to ask them a few questions!  Take a look at what they had to say…

Rachael & Ian, many congratulations on your Golden Wedding anniversary! How are you celebrating this wonderful milestone?
Thank you so much! We can hardly believe we have reached such a milestone. Where have all those years gone to? Because we have reached 50 years we decided we needed to celebrate with friends from way back in the past, friends we have gathered over the years, and new friends we have made in recent years…102 in all!
Some friends who are coming to help us celebrate we haven’t seen since our wedding day and Ian is wondering if we’ll recognise one another!! I am especially excited because my bridesmaid Heulwen, who I haven’t seen for 48 years is coming, and I can’t wait to see her.
So, we are having a special service of Thanksgiving to God for our Marriage, at our Church in Oxford, St Andrews, Linton Road.
Our granddaughter Edie is singing a solo; our grandson is reading a poem; our friend (and AHoJ Trustee)’s three daughters are doing a musical trio; a friend Mark, who was lead guitarist with the band Quench, is playing a solo on his acoustic guitar; and another AHoJ Trustee and friend, Stuart (who owns Oxford Opera and is a lovely Baritone Bass singer) will be singing ‘You lift me up’.
After all of that, everyone is coming to The Littlebury Hotel, Bicester (our very favourite Hotel run by our very favourite people, Mike, Malachi and all the other great staff) for a sit down meal and speeches, an introduction to Alexandra House of Joy, and my favourite Jazz played by Matt Crook and his band.
I am sure there’ll be lots of chatter, reminiscing, and laughter. My wedding dress will be on display and there will be our albums of the wedding, memoirs of the honeymoon, and all the wedding cards, telegrams, gift cards, and present lists from 1968!
As you look to the future, what are your hopes and plans for the coming years?
We are now most certainly living in ‘the days of grace’. Each day is precious, and not being wished away like we used to do by always looking to and planning for things months ahead! Each day has such value now, and we thank God for it as we listen to the birds singing, see the bulbs emerging from their winter sleep, and the buds opening their pretty brightly coloured green leaves, and of course all the little lambs playing in the fields.
Our lives are in His Hands, and so we take each day at a time, do the work He has given us to do, and pray earnestly that His amazing Vision for our precious Adults with learning disabilities will be revealed through us and before us if He should will it.
We both feel extremely humbled that He has given us this task to fulfill for Him and for His special children, so we have complete faith that it will happen, and our hope and trust is placed in God. So far He has given incredible gifts and people to AHoJ, so we know and believe that nothing is impossible with God.
You have amazing reserves of energy! How can we help you both as you invest time, energy and creativity in the Alexandra House project?
The AHoJ project is beginning to gather speed, and I am fully aware that at this age now I am definitely not able to ‘run’ at the pace I used to be going at! My mind also seems to have quite selective thinking in that it chooses these days to stay with one issue, and only that one issue, at a time. Very frustrating, and no more multi tasking for me I’m sorry to say!! So….I need other heads and other hands.
I would just love to have the help of someone who has office management skills and secretarial skills to come on board. At this stage in our project we just cannot afford to pay anyone, so we appeal to your kindness to come and help. The aim is to eventually offer a wage, but we need a very compassionate and willing person to please come forward and help us with all the paperwork which is gaining in size.
We would be absolutely over the moon and enormously grateful. We are very nice people to work alongside and we can make great tea and coffee….as much as you like…..with plenty of cakes, biscuits and chocolate if that is your desire!
If you think you would like to give it a go, or even just have a chat and ask more about it all, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you, truly we would.