On Friday April 8th ’22 we held an Indian Cultural Event in the Chesterton Community Centre. It was a very successful evening, There were 80 guests who bought tickets to support the event and they sat down at lovely decorated tables and were served a delicious three course Indian meal. Between the main and pudding courses, they were all entertained by a beautiful and striking group of Indian Classical Dancers. All of them were in traditional costumes which brought much vibrancy into the room. It was a wonderful evening and so lovely to be able to run such a social community event after the two years of the pandemic restrictions. After all costs were deducted, the great sum of £912 was raised. Thank you to Srishti of Mirsch Masala for her wonderful food, and to Athis Vadivale, Shahi and the students, for the brilliant Indian Classical dance performance. The whole evening was memorable.