We need your support!

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Financial Support

Our target is to raise £2.5million in a 3 year period to fund:

1. setting up, registering and growing the Alexandra House of Joy charity;
2. securing and developing a suitable site for our facility;
3. designing and building our carefully researched facility;
4. employing and training professionals to launch and run our project; and
5. equipment, furniture, furnishings, specialist aids and decor for the Alexandra House.

Donate online or contact Rachael to offer your support!

Practical Support

We need a volunteer secretary to the Trustees, and someone to help with general admin.

We also need fundraisers and event planners…help with letter writing, stuffing envelopes, researching fundraising leads, making introductions, or sharing local or sector knowledge.  The list is long!

Please contact Rachael to find out more.  We’re so grateful for any time or expertise you offer.